Satisfied with Your October 2023 PS Plus Essentials?


The article discusses the upcoming PS Plus Essential games for October 2023. Three games will be available for both the PS5 and PS4, offering a variety of genres for players to choose from. The highlight of the selection is “The Callisto Protocol,” which received mixed reviews at its launch last year. This game gives players the chance to try it themselves and form their own opinions. In addition to the survival horror game, there is also “Farming Simulator 22” for those looking for a more relaxing experience, and “Weird West,” an oddball RPG that offers a unique gameplay experience.

The article also includes two polls for readers to vote on their opinions of the selection. The first poll asks readers if they are happy with their PS Plus Essential games for October 2023, with options ranging from very happy to unhappy. The second poll asks readers which game they are most looking forward to, with options including “Farming Simulator 22,” “The Callisto Protocol,” “Weird West,” and none of them. These polls allow readers to engage and share their thoughts on the upcoming games.

In summary, the article highlights the three games available as part of the PS Plus Essential selection for October 2023. It mentions the mixed reviews received by “The Callisto Protocol” and encourages players to try it for themselves. It also mentions the inclusion of “Farming Simulator 22” and “Weird West” for players who prefer different genres. The article concludes with two polls that allow readers to share their opinions on the selection and express their excitement for the upcoming games.

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