September 26, 2023: Delve into ‘Quordle’ solution and clues – unveiled exclusively here!


The article provides hints and a complete solution for the word-guessing game called Quordle. Quordle is similar to Wordle, but instead of guessing one word, players must guess four words simultaneously. The game was created by Freddie Meyer, who drew inspiration from another variation of Wordle called Dordle. Quordle has gained popularity and has millions of daily users. The article also provides strategies for playing Quordle, emphasizing the importance of eliminating as many letters as possible with each guess.

Quordle is pronounced “Kwordle” and is considered to be slightly more challenging than Wordle. While the initial strategy for Quordle should be the same as for Wordle, players must adjust their approach after the first guess. In Quordle, it is crucial to eliminate as many letters as possible with each guess, unlike in Wordle where single-letter variations can lead to victory. Additionally, randomly guessing a known word to eliminate potential letters is a legitimate strategy in Quordle but not in Wordle.

For players who want to speed up the game, a tactic suggested is to start with words that contain all the vowels and some common letters. This approach helps eliminate most of the alphabet and reduces the number of possible incorrect guesses. The article concludes with hints for the specific words in today’s Quordle game. Two words have repeated letters, rare letters like Q or Z are not used, and the words start with the letters N, C, E, and C. Finally, it reveals the answers for today’s Quordle: NOISY, CLEAT, EAGER, and CARAT.

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