Starfield’s Fans Confused: Player Ties the Knot with Two Companions Simultaneously


In a surprising revelation, a Starfield player has shared that they are married to both Sarah and Andreja within the game. This unexpected scenario was discovered after the player passed a persuasion check, allowing them to successfully marry both characters simultaneously. The news has left the Starfield community baffled, as many players were unaware that it was possible to romance two characters at the same time.

The player shared their experience on Reddit, explaining that they cheated on Andreja with Sarah, expecting to be dumped. However, they managed to persuade Andreja not to be mad, resulting in them having two wives in the game. This revelation has astonished other players, with one expressing disbelief as Andreja previously expressed a desire not to share the player. It appears that Sarah is willing to be romanced while the player is already with Andreja, but not vice versa.

Starfield allows players to develop deeper relationships with companions, including the option to marry. It is possible to continue flirting with other companions even after marriage, indicating that players can maintain multiple relationships within the game. Furthermore, there is some confusion among players regarding who wakes up with the player’s character after sleeping, with different opinions suggesting it depends on the active companion or proximity.

Overall, the revelation of a player’s dual marriage in Starfield has sparked intrigue and confusion within the game’s community. It showcases a unique and unexpected feature in the game’s romance mechanics, allowing players to navigate complex relationship dynamics.

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