Super Mario Maker players celebrate victory after discovering final level was fake.


Super Mario Maker players have achieved a remarkable feat by beating every legitimate level uploaded to the original game before the servers shut down. The final level standing, Trimming the Herbs, appeared to be unbeatable due to its extreme difficulty. However, it was later revealed that the level was uploaded using tool-assisted speedrun techniques, making it impossible for human players to conquer. This revelation came after the creator of the level, Ahoyo, admitted to the fraudulent upload.

Despite the controversy surrounding Trimming the Herbs, Team 0% persevered in their mission to clear all Super Mario Maker levels before the impending server shutdown. The ultimate victory came when a player named Yamada successfully completed The Last Dance, solidifying the accomplishment of the community. The revelation of the TAS upload prompted renewed efforts to tackle Trimming the Herbs legitimately, as players vie for the honor of conquering the seemingly impossible level and securing bragging rights within the gaming community.

While the deception surrounding Trimming the Herbs caused a stir among Super Mario Maker enthusiasts, the journey undertaken by Team 0% and the eventual completion of the game stand as a testament to the dedication and skill of the players. The revelation of the TAS upload sheds light on the lengths some creators may go to in order to challenge and deceive the gaming community. As players continue to strive for victory over Trimming the Herbs, the saga serves as a reminder of the competitive and collaborative spirit that defines the world of Super Mario Maker.

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