Surprising Success: Todd Howard Amazed by Starfield Ships’ Exceptional Performance


In a recent interview, Todd Howard, the creative director at Bethesda Game Studio, expressed his surprise at the impressive ship designs created by players in their upcoming game, Starfield. Howard discussed the community’s creativity when it comes to ship building and how players have pushed the boundaries with their designs. He emphasized that the studio aims to provide players with tools to unleash their creativity, whether it’s building outposts or ships. Howard also praised the modding community for their fast-paced contributions. Ship building was identified as having the most potential for unique creations, giving players the ability to take their designs with them.

The open-ended system of ship building in Starfield has caught Howard’s attention, as players have created breathtaking vessels that even require lengthy guides to replicate. One player went above and beyond by constructing a Star Wars Imperial Destroyer, prompting a 21-page how-to guide. Fans have also recreated iconic machinery from other franchises like Star Wars, Halo, and even Thomas The Tank Engine. Howard compares the ship designs to distinct characters and expresses excitement at the level of creativity and agency it offers players. These impressive creations prove that when given the tools, the gaming community can surprise developers with their imagination and resourcefulness.

The interview highlighted Bethesda’s commitment to providing players with the freedom to explore their creativity in Starfield. Ship building has become a focal point of the game, with players exceeding expectations by constructing unique vessels. The studio views ships as an extension of the player’s identity, offering a level of customization not found in previous Bethesda titles. The modding community was also acknowledged for their swift contributions to the game, introducing even more possibilities for players to experiment with. With Starfield’s release approaching, players are eagerly anticipating the boundless opportunities for ship building and the chance to create their own extraordinary spacecraft.

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