Talespin debuts immersive learning app on Meta Quest through extended reality


Talespin, a company that uses spatial computing to train workers, has announced the launch of its extended reality (XR) learning app on Meta Quest. The app, initially designed for enterprise use, has now been made accessible to the general public. Talespin’s immersive learning app allows users to experience virtual worlds and develop valuable skills through simulated conversations with AI-powered virtual human characters and role-playing game (RPG)-style experiences. One of the popular training scenarios offered by the app is called “Firing Barry,” which teaches users how to fire an older worker gracefully.

As artificial intelligence continues to transform businesses and hybrid work environments become more prevalent, there is an increasing demand for skills such as effective communication, collaboration, and unbiased thinking. Talespin aims to address this need by providing immersive learning experiences that help individuals cultivate and master essential abilities, enhancing their value in a technologically augmented workplace.

The key features of the Talespin app include a diverse library of immersive learning content, RPG-style simulations in contextually relevant virtual worlds, interactive lessons replicating real-life situations, personalized feedback for continuous growth, and an inclusive learning journey for learners of all backgrounds and goals. Talespin plans to bring its enterprise immersive learning content titles to Meta Quest’s user base of 20 million and regularly release new content to enhance the offering.

Note: The article mentions an upcoming event called GamesBeat Next, which is not related to the main content of the news article and thus not summarized in this response.

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