The Division Resurgence: A Game-Changing Feature Every Game Should Adopt


Ubisoft is set to release a new game in The Division series and while it is still currently in beta testing and won’t be officially launched until 2024, there is already something about it that has captured gamers’ attention. The feature that has gamers excited is the ability to fast-forward cutscenes with the touch of a finger. While this option isn’t entirely new to gaming, it’s rare to see, prompting the question of why it isn’t standard in most games.

The ability to fast-forward a cutscene was an unexpected surprise experienced by a writer who was playing the beta version of The Division Resurgence. They found themselves utilizing this feature often, finding it especially useful when a cutscene dragged or characters were repeating themselves. The speed-up option also provided some comic relief, as characters started sounding like they were talking in high-pitched voices, similar to Alvin and the Chipmunks. This feature is not only a welcome addition for gamers who may want to skip through dialogue quickly, but it’s also a smart inclusion for a mobile game, allowing players to wrap up quickly if they need to.

Although Ubisoft didn’t invent the concept of fast-forwarding cutscenes, their inclusion of this feature in The Division Resurgence has left gamers wanting it in all future games. While the fast-forward option isn’t groundbreaking, its relative scarcity in gaming has highlighted its desirability among players. It remains to be seen whether other game developers will take note and follow suit in incorporating this feature into their own games.

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