Upcoming Closure of Servers for 12 Xbox Games Expected Soon


As December approaches, numerous Xbox server closures are looming for several games. In total, 13 games will soon lose online functionality, impacting achievements and gameplay for many players. Bandai Namco’s Gundam Evolution will be the first to shut down on November 29, followed by Rocket League’s removal of player-to-player trading on December 5. Additionally, EA will close servers for multiple games including Battlefield 1943, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, Crysis 3, Dead Space 2, and Dante’s Inferno on December 8. Finally, Anvil: Vault Breaker and NBA 2K22 servers will close on December 31.

With server closures come the discontinuation of certain achievements, making it a race for players to unlock them before it’s too late. As the dates draw closer, the impact of these server closures will be felt by fans who may have enjoyed playing these now-discontinued games. Additionally, Ubisoft has announced the shutdown of online services in three Xbox 360 games, while Warface: Breakout servers are set to close in April, adding to the list of games losing their online functionality. As players scramble to grab any last achievements, the impact of these closures is sure to be felt by the gaming community.

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