Using Personal Voice in iOS 17: A 13-word Guide


Apple’s iOS 17 update introduces new accessibility features, including Personal Voice. Personal Voice is a tool that uses machine learning to create a synthesized version of your voice based on audio samples you record. It works alongside Live Speech to convert text into audio, allowing users to type out messages on FaceTime or a call and have it verbally spoken in their own voice. This feature is not only helpful for people with disabilities but also for those who may temporarily lose their ability to speak.

Setting up Personal Voice takes some time, as users are guided through recording 150 phrases in a quiet environment. The recording process takes about 15-20 minutes, and after naming the Personal Voice, users must check the sound quality. Once the audio samples are provided, the machine learning process begins, which can take several hours to complete. Users are advised to plug in their iPhones and leave them locked and processing overnight.

To use Personal Voice, it needs to be added to Live Speech. This can be done by going to Settings > Accessibility > Live Speech and toggling it on. Users can then enable Live Speech during a FaceTime or phone call by triple-clicking the side button. They can type out their message, and Personal Voice will speak it in their own voice.

Overall, Apple’s Personal Voice feature in iOS 17 provides a unique and helpful tool for individuals with disabilities or temporary voice loss. Through machine learning and personal audio samples, users can have their own synthesized voice that allows them to fully express themselves and communicate effectively.

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