Xbox’s Decision to Stop Reporting Console Sales Explained


Microsoft has stopped announcing Xbox sales numbers and Xbox CFO Tim Stuart explained that they don’t do so because reporting unit-sales numbers alone doesn’t provide the clearest picture of how the Xbox brand is performing overall. It was also noted that both Sony and Nintendo announce new hardware sales numbers every quarter and this lack of disclosure might be related to Xbox being in last place when it comes to console sales compared to PlayStation and Switch. Additionally, Stuart measures the success of Xbox by the number of customers it has and how much money Xbox makes as a brand, given that Xbox is not only a console brand these days.

Stuart emphasized that Microsoft is trying to push streaming and mobile games in regions like Africa, India, and Southeast Asia, where they are not “console-first” markets. He also mentioned that the potential audience for the mobile market is in the billions, which is a reason why Microsoft wanted to buy Activision Blizzard in order to obtain the company’s popular mobile game franchises. Microsoft intends to leverage Activision Blizzard’s experience in mobile to develop mobile experiences based on their own IP. Stuart also revealed Microsoft’s aspiration to bring Game Pass to PlayStation and Nintendo devices, and he believes AI will be beneficial for gaming.

In conclusion, the decision to stop reporting Xbox sales numbers was detailed as being related to a broader, more comprehensive understanding of the performance of the Xbox brand. Stuart also elaborated on Microsoft’s aspirations to expand its audience and capitalize on the potential of mobile gaming as well as AI for gaming. Additionally, Microsoft’s interest in buying Activision Blizzard was underscored as a way of acquiring popular mobile game franchises and leveraging their experience in mobile game development.

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