You can’t close OneDrive on Windows without explanation, Microsoft says.


Microsoft is making it difficult to close OneDrive on Windows by introducing an annoying dialog box that forces users to explain why they’re trying to close the app. This update includes a drop-down box that asks users to select a reason for closing OneDrive every single time they attempt to do so. Unfortunately, there is no option such as “go away and let me close the application” in the drop-down box, making it even more frustrating for users. This new behavior follows years of Microsoft’s demanding Edge prompts that appear when users try to download Chrome or change their default browser.

Instead of making it simple to close OneDrive, Microsoft has made it more difficult by introducing a new dialog box that requires users to select a reason for closing the app from a drop-down menu. This can be particularly frustrating for users who just want to close the app without having to provide a reason every single time. It seems to be part of a larger pattern of demanding prompts from Microsoft, as evidenced by the company injecting a poll onto the download page of Chrome asking users why they were downloading another browser, in addition to these recent changes with OneDrive.

If you want to avoid this latest OneDrive nonsense, you can always resort to the old-school method of opening Task Manager, searching for Microsoft OneDrive, and ending the task manually. This is a workaround that many frustrated users will likely resort to due to the intrusive nature of the latest update.

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