Apple iPhone 15 Pro Owners Report Excessive Heat Issues During Gaming or Video Chatting


Some early users of Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max have been reporting that their devices are getting too hot during usage and while charging. This has become a concern for Apple, as the iPhone is a major revenue driver for the company. Customers have taken to Apple online forums and social media platforms to express their grievances, stating that the back or side of the phone becomes uncomfortably hot, especially during activities like gaming or video chats. Apple’s technical support has been redirecting customers to an old support article on how to handle an iPhone that feels too hot or cold, but the company has not provided any official comment on the issue.

The iPhone’s overheating issue could be attributed to the intense usage of the devices, such as running intensive apps, charging, or setting up a new device for the first time. The iPhone setup process, including downloading apps and data from iCloud, can be processor-intensive and time-consuming, potentially exacerbating the heat problem. Some users speculate that certain background apps like Instagram or Uber could also contribute to the issue. While some iPhone 15 Pro owners have reported not experiencing any heating problems or finding it within acceptable limits, others have posted videos of temperature readings that show the device reaching uncomfortably hot levels.

The iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max feature the new A17 chip with a powerful graphics engine, designed to enhance gaming performance. This component, combined with the titanium frame used in the latest models, could be factors contributing to the heat generation. Apple typically conducts rigorous testing to identify and address any issues before mass production, but occasional problems arise that require software updates or other fixes. It remains to be seen whether this heating issue will subside on its own or if Apple will need to take further action to resolve the problem. This incident follows customer complaints about the FineWoven material used in iPhone 15 cases, which is prone to scratches and easily gets dirty.

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