Cat wins Hambone Award for surviving being folded in a sofa bed


Giles, a charismatic black cat from New York, has been awarded Nationwide’s Hambone Award for the most unusual pet insurance claim of the year. The award program was started by Nationwide Insurance after a dog got mild hypothermia from being stuck in a refrigerator and eating an entire ham. Giles won the award after getting himself stuck between a cushion and a hard place, resulting in the need for stitches. Despite his injuries, Giles is now doing much better. His owners, Kaitlyn and Reid, have a rule in their apartment to always check if Giles is under the couch before putting it back together.

Reid’s parents, who were visiting, accidentally trapped Giles under the couch when they were preparing to leave for the airport. Giles sustained injuries to his face but luckily they were not life-threatening. Although he has recovered, Giles now has a fear of anything with a hinge on it. The family of the Hambone winner receives a trophy, gift card, and the opportunity to donate to a pet charity of their choice. The Hambone Awards highlight these unusual pet insurance claims to emphasize the importance of having pet insurance coverage.

In its 15th year, the Hambone Awards saw tough competition this year, with finalists including a Labrador that jumped off a 36-foot-high bridge, a parrot that got slammed inside a door, and a puppy that chewed on a phone charger. Nationwide’s pet insurance president and chief pet officer, Heidi Sirota, said that the inspiration behind the awards was the ridiculous medical claims they received from the pets they insure. The awards aim to showcase the value of having pet insurance coverage and the peace of mind it provides for pet owners.

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