Delta Air Lines CEO to make changes to SkyMiles program for loyal customers


Delta Airlines faced backlash from customers after announcing changes to its loyalty program, including limiting access to its Sky Club lounges for American Express users and redefining elite status based on spending. Customers expressed disappointment and threatened to switch to other carriers with better benefits. However, Delta CEO Ed Bastian has acknowledged the negative feedback and promises to make policy tweaks in response. He explained that the pandemic had led to an influx of premium-tier travelers, overwhelming the company’s ability to effectively serve them. Bastian also admitted that the changes went too far and that the feedback from customers is important in reassessing and modifying their plans.

Despite Delta’s attempts to appease customers, rival airlines quickly seized the opportunity to attract its disgruntled patrons. JetBlue and Alaska Airlines launched marketing campaigns targeting customers who were unhappy with Delta’s loyalty program changes. They offered alternative loyalty programs and promised to match or exceed customers’ current status levels. Although these competitors have smaller customer bases and fewer flights than Delta, they are still attempting to undermine Delta’s position in the industry. Delta, on the other hand, has the advantage of being a long-standing brand with a large customer base and extensive flight network.

In conclusion, Delta Airlines is facing backlash from customers over changes to its loyalty program, but the CEO has acknowledged the criticism and plans to make adjustments. Rival airlines are attempting to capitalize on the dissatisfaction by offering alternative loyalty programs. However, Delta still maintains a strong position in the industry due to its longstanding brand and large customer base. The outcome remains to be seen as Delta works to regain the trust and loyalty of its customers.

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