E.l.f. Beauty CEO discusses company’s growth and consumer expansion efforts.


E.l.f. Beauty CEO Tarang Amin recently spoke with Jim Cramer to discuss the company’s remarkable financial performance, showcasing the cosmetics company’s rapid growth and expansion across multiple countries and age groups. Amin attributed the success of the company to its effective marketing and social media strategy, which has played a significant role in driving global success. International business experienced a staggering 119% increase last quarter, with notable strength in the U.K., Canada, and Italy.

Moreover, E.l.f. Beauty raised its guidance for the third consecutive time after posting an exceptional 85% sales growth during its holiday quarter. Amin highlighted the company’s value proposition, emphasizing that it resonates worldwide, and credited E.l.f.’s strength in social media for helping the Italian consumer become familiar with the brand before its official launch in Italy. In addition to being popular with Gen Z, E.l.f. Beauty has also been successful with Gen X and Millennials, and is even broadening its audience to Gen Alpha. The company has leveraged social media platforms like TikTok and Twitch, as well as more traditional advertising, to connect with consumers and expand its reach.

Amin also emphasized the company’s strategy of following its community’s engagement by living and engaging where they spend their time. Furthermore, E.l.f. Beauty has incorporated diverse advertising methods, including high-profile partnerships and Super Bowl commercials, such as a recent advertisement featuring actor Jennifer Coolidge. With its unwavering commitment to reaching and resonating with diverse audiences across different platforms, E.l.f. Beauty is well-positioned for continued growth and success.

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