Impacts of Government Shutdown: Air Travel, Taxes, National Security, and National Parks


The potential government shutdown could have far-reaching consequences for everyday Americans. While some benefits, like Social Security and veterans’ benefits, will continue uninterrupted, other services will come to a halt. Federal employees who are deemed essential will be required to work without pay, while others will be furloughed. Air traffic controllers, transportation security agents, and a significant portion of the Department of Homeland Security’s staff will continue working without pay. However, services such as assistance at the IRS, access to national parks, and Head Start programs will be affected.

Furthermore, the shutdown will impact various sectors, including campaign finance, disaster recovery, farm loans, small-business loans, and workplace inspections. The Federal Election Commission will cease core agency functions, and the White House warns of delays in disaster recovery efforts. Farmers will be unable to obtain marketing loans, and small business loan processing will be halted. Additionally, workplace inspections conducted by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration may be curtailed. The potential shutdown also affects crucial areas such as medical research, student loans, and VA benefits. Overall, the potential government shutdown has the potential to disrupt numerous services and hinder the functioning of various federal agencies.

Despite the potential disruptions, certain services and benefits will remain available. The US Postal Service will continue its operations, and Medicare and Medicaid benefits will still be accessible. However, new applicants for Medicare and Medicaid may encounter interruptions in service. While active-duty service members and civilian employees essential to national security will continue to work without pay, other civilian defense employees will be furloughed. Additionally, access to national parks will be closed, but Arizona and Utah may pay to keep their states’ national parks open. Overall, the potential government shutdown will have wide-ranging impacts on numerous sectors and the lives of everyday Americans.

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