Is etiquette on cruise ships lost, with chair hogs, dining divas, and boorish boozers?



This news article discusses various examples of uncouth and uncultured behavior that is often witnessed on cruise ships. From picking fruits with bare hands to flashing fellow passengers, the article highlights the importance of proper etiquette while traveling. Experts advise against being late, disorganized, or impatient during boarding as it sets a negative tone for the trip. They also emphasize the need to respect others’ personal space and not hog lounge chairs or push into elevators before others have exited.

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The news article explores different incidents of bad behavior on cruise ships, ranging from picking fruits with bare hands to indecent exposure. Travel etiquette experts shared their experiences and provided guidelines on how to behave properly while traveling. They emphasize the importance of being on time during boarding and ensuring that all necessary documents are prepared. They also advise against hogging lounge chairs or pushing into elevators before other passengers have a chance to exit.

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The experts further discuss the need for respectful behavior around the pool area and other zones on the ship. Parents are encouraged to monitor their children’s behavior and remind them to be considerate of other passengers. Proper elevator etiquette, such as allowing others to exit before entering, is also highlighted. In addition, the article reminds passengers to drink responsibly and not to be obnoxious while under the influence of alcohol. Finally, etiquette guidelines are provided for dining areas, including dressing presentably and being polite to staff.

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The article concludes by addressing proper behavior during evening entertainment. It emphasizes the importance of not leaving in the middle of a performance and minimizing distractions from phone usage. The article reminds readers to be considerate of performers and fellow passengers during shows. Overall, the article serves as a reminder to practice good etiquette while on a cruise ship to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

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