Home Business Kevin McCarthy proposes final plan to prevent government shutdown.

Kevin McCarthy proposes final plan to prevent government shutdown.

Kevin McCarthy proposes final plan to prevent government shutdown.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is facing pressure from his hard-right flank as he rushes to come up with a plan to temporarily keep the federal government open. McCarthy’s plan includes steep spending cuts of nearly 30% to many agencies and severe border security provisions. However, the chances of the plan passing in the Democratic Senate are slim. McCarthy’s hold-out colleagues have rejected his efforts and are pushing him closer to their demands, which could result in a government shutdown. The bill to keep operations open through Oct. 31 is facing an uncertain future as McCarthy tests the support of his slim Republican majority.

The impending government shutdown, set to take place after midnight on Saturday, would have significant consequences, including leaving 2 million military troops without pay and disrupting government services and programs. While the Senate is moving forward with a bipartisan plan to keep the government open and provide aid to Ukraine and U.S. disaster accounts, the House is facing political chaos due to the influence of the hard-right flank. House Republicans have refused to meet with President Joe Biden, and the White House has criticized their demands to cut programs that many families rely on. McCarthy has catered to the hard-right flank by proposing lower spending limits and strict border security provisions.

The hard-right faction, led by Rep. Matt Gaetz, has been threatening to oust McCarthy unless he meets their conservative demands. However, it remains unclear if any other Republican would have enough support from the House majority to lead the party. The House Speaker faces a crucial vote on Saturday, with the bill’s final passage uncertain. McCarthy challenged his colleagues to go on record with their stance on the bill, emphasizing the importance of their vote. While McCarthy’s plan appeals to the hard-right, it faces significant opposition from Democrats and may not have enough support to avoid a government shutdown.

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