Meta’s Quest headset, endorsed by Zuckerberg, to ship by Oct 10 – Reuters.


Meta Platforms will begin shipping its new Quest mixed-reality headset on October 10th, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The announcement was made at the Meta Connect conference, the company’s first in-person event since the start of the pandemic. The Quest 3, priced at $500, features the same mixed-reality technology as Meta’s more expensive Quest Pro device. This move is seen as crucial for Meta as investors have expressed concerns about the company’s spending on the metaverse. The event will also provide insight into how Zuckerberg plans to navigate the shift from augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence.

In addition to the Quest 3 release, Meta has fulfilled its promise to introduce mobile and web versions of its flagship social VR platform, Horizon Worlds. The company has also made an update to its virtual reality avatars, which now include legs in addition to the previously upper-body-only design. Developers will be eager to learn about the capabilities of Meta’s latest hardware devices, while investors will be watching for signs of improvement after the company suffered losses of over $40 billion since 2021.

The Meta Connect conference marks a significant moment for the social media giant as it seeks to establish itself as a leader in the metaverse. Zuckerberg’s speech and product announcements will shape perceptions of Meta’s future and its ability to adapt to changing technologies. With the release of the Quest 3 and updates to its VR platform, Meta aims to demonstrate its commitment to innovation and provide reassurance to investors. As the metaverse continues to gain attention, Meta’s strategic decisions and the success of its latest hardware will have a significant impact on the company’s future trajectory.

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