Pedestrian struck by hit-and-run driver thrown into path of Cruise car in San Francisco – NBC Bay Area


A hit-and-run incident in downtown San Francisco resulted in a pedestrian being struck by a driverless Cruise car after being thrown into its path by the initial collision. The accident was captured on video by the autonomous vehicle, showing both cars traveling side-by-side before the sedan hit the pedestrian. The Cruise car braked aggressively to minimize the impact, while the driver of the other vehicle fled the scene. The woman was found pinned beneath the Cruise vehicle and was rescued using the jaws of life. Her current condition is unknown.

Cruise has provided the footage to the San Francisco Police Department for investigation. This incident comes amidst ongoing scrutiny of Cruise’s safety record by the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), following previous incidents involving their driverless cars. In response, Cruise has agreed to reduce their fleet size while the DMV continues its investigation. The DMV has not yet issued any findings or a timeline for when they will do so, but they have the authority to suspend or revoke permits, effectively taking driverless vehicles off the road.

The incident highlights the potential dangers and risks associated with autonomous vehicles and the need for comprehensive regulations and safety measures. Even though the Cruise car reacted quickly to minimize the impact, accidents can still occur due to the actions of other drivers. The investigation by the police and the DMV will shed further light on the circumstances leading to the accident and will likely have implications for the future of autonomous vehicle regulation in California.

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