Three US Banks Fined Over $50M by CFTC for Swap-Reporting Mistakes


Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, and JPMorgan have been ordered by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to pay a combined total of over $50 million to settle charges of swap reporting failures and other violations. The penalties include civil monetary fines of $30 million for Goldman Sachs, $15 million for JPMorgan, and $8 million for Bank of America. The CFTC stated that Goldman Sachs failed to diligently supervise its swap dealer activities and had “unprecedented failures” in swap data reporting. The order also requires Goldman Sachs to develop a written remediation plan and retain a consultant to assess its plan.

JPMorgan was fined for violations related to swaps reporting, while Bank of America was penalized for failing to diligently supervise swaps reporting and comply with reporting obligations. The CFTC acknowledged the substantial cooperation from all three banks with regulators, which resulted in reduced monetary penalties. The enforcement actions highlight the importance of accurate and timely swap reporting to ensure transparency and the integrity of the financial markets.

The penalties imposed by the CFTC demonstrate an effort to hold financial institutions accountable for regulatory compliance. The failure to diligently supervise and comply with reporting obligations can undermine market stability and transparency. It is expected that these enforcement actions will serve as a reminder to other financial institutions to prioritize accurate and timely reporting in order to maintain the integrity of the derivatives market. This development reinforces the role of regulatory bodies in overseeing and enforcing compliance within the financial industry.

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