Home Business Trump’s legal expenses decimate campaign funds, reports Reuters

Trump’s legal expenses decimate campaign funds, reports Reuters

Trump’s legal expenses decimate campaign funds, reports Reuters

Donald Trump’s political organization, Save America, has been using its funds to pay the legal expenses of individuals involved in investigations against the former president. These payments have caused the group to spend millions of dollars that could have been used for Trump’s potential 2024 White House bid. Law firms such as Brand Woodward, Dhillon Law Group, and Greenberg Traurig received over $2.1 million from Save America in the first half of 2023. Experts estimate that Trump’s legal defense in four criminal prosecutions could cost over $50 million, more than the money raised by his campaign and affiliated super PAC.

Although some legal experts argue that the spending is permissible under campaign finance rules, others suggest that prosecutors could scrutinize the payments for any signs of witness tampering. Save America’s spending on Trump’s legal troubles may also alienate some voters, as a Reuters/Ipsos poll found that 40% of Republicans considered it inappropriate for Trump to use political donations for legal issues. As a result of the intensified legal spending, Save America has already reclaimed $12 million from the funds given to its affiliated super PAC, MAGA Inc. Trump’s legal bills are expected to increase significantly as his criminal trials progress.

The article reveals that Save America has paid the legal fees for at least 13 people associated with Trump, potentially including witnesses and co-defendants. Among them are Trump aides Jason Miller, Margo Martin, and Dan Scavino, as well as Trump Organization employee Matt Calamari Jr. Although some individuals have confirmed that Trump’s political group covered part of their legal bills, the exact amount of money spent on Trump’s own lawyers versus fees for witnesses and co-defendants remains unclear. Furthermore, eight other individuals, including Trump employees and former administration officials, were represented by law firms that received money from Save America. The article also mentions that Trump has used his legal troubles as a fundraising opportunity, selling merchandise featuring his mug shot. Experts estimate that Trump’s legal fees could surpass $100 million as his four criminal trials progress.

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