Video shows Oakland pizza shop workers fighting off crooks in fourth robbery this month.


Oakland pizza shop employees fight off robber after being robbed four times in a month

Employees at Cybelle’s Pizza in Oakland, California, fought off a robber with a hammer as the shop has been targeted in four separate robberies in just over a month. Security footage shows the brave employees trying to fend off the robber, who was later arrested. Despite their efforts, the owner Elizabeth Sanchez expressed concern about the impact of surging crime on their business, with sales plummeting and customers afraid to visit. This has led to difficulty retaining employees and consideration of closing down the Oakland restaurant while keeping the San Francisco location open. The mayor’s office has promised to work on increasing security in the area and support businesses affected by the crime surge.

Despite the valor demonstrated by the employees at Cybelle’s Pizza, the impact of the crime on the business has been significant, with a drop in sales and difficulty retaining employees. The restaurant owner, Elizabeth Sanchez, is considering closing down the Oakland location due to the surge in crime, which has kept customers away. The mayor’s office has assured to work on boosting security in the area and supporting small businesses like Cybelle’s that have been affected by the crime spree. Additionally, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced plans to send 120 highway patrol officers to Oakland to help combat the increase in criminal activity. It remains to be seen whether these measures will be sufficient to address the situation and prevent further harm to local businesses.

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