Indie Semiconductor: No Longer a Recommended Investment


In this news article, Jim Cramer, the host of “Mad Money,” provides rapid-fire responses to stock questions from callers. He gives his thoughts on various companies’ year-to-date stock performances. When asked about Extreme Networks, Cramer mentions that while the stock is doing fine, he does not consider it proprietary enough to recommend, especially since tech stocks are seeing some selling pressure. Discussing Zimmer Biomet, Cramer highlights the company’s poor quarter and suggests considering buying GE Healthcare instead, as it is undervalued. Moving on to Sunrun, he only recommends First Solar, as other solar companies seem to be falling short. Cramer expresses positivity towards NRG Energy, but suggests looking at Southern, as he prefers the new management team. When discussing Ecolab, he mentions that although they are okay, he believes Cintas is the better option. As for Old Republic, he acknowledges their quality but recommends Chubb when it comes to insurance companies. In regard to Indie Semiconductor, Cramer decides not to recommend any self-driving related semi company, as they are currently losing money. Lastly, when asked about Arista Networks, he acknowledges its popularity but thinks that Cisco is a cheaper alternative that can provide similar benefits.

In conclusion, Jim Cramer provides quick-fire responses to various stock questions, giving his recommendations on different companies’ year-to-date stock performances. While some stocks are deemed as not proprietary enough or going through a tough period, Cramer suggests alternative options. He highlights the undervaluation of GE Healthcare and recommends considering it instead of Zimmer Biomet. He also expresses positivity towards First Solar over other solar companies, suggests looking into Southern rather than NRG Energy, and favors Cintas over Ecolab. Additionally, he advises choosing Chubb over Old Republic in the insurance sector and decides against recommending any self-driving related semi companies like Indie Semiconductor. Lastly, Cramer acknowledges the popularity of Arista Networks but believes Cisco is a cheaper option with similar benefits.

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