Japan’s September Consumer Confidence Index Falls to 35.2 from 36.2


Consumer sentiment in Japan has continued to decline towards the end of the third quarter, with all categories experiencing a drop. The overall livelihood index saw a decrease of 0.9 points, reaching 32.0. This indicates a growing pessimism among consumers regarding their general quality of life. The income growth index also witnessed a slight dip of 0.3 points, falling to 38.7. This suggests that consumers have concerns about their future financial stability and earning potential.

In addition, the employment index suffered a significant decrease of 1.6 points, reaching 41.1. This indicates a rising sense of insecurity among consumers about the job market and their employment prospects. Moreover, the willingness to purchase durable goods index dropped by 1.0 points, falling to 29.0. This signifies a decline in consumers’ confidence and willingness to invest in big-ticket items, potentially impacting the country’s economic growth.

These decreasing sentiment indicators across all categories reveal a growing unease among Japanese consumers. The decline in overall livelihood and income growth suggests that people are increasingly worried about their present and future financial situations. The drop in the employment index further accentuates concerns about job security and the state of the labor market. Additionally, the decrease in willingness to purchase durable goods reflects a lack of confidence in the economy, potentially leading to decreased consumer spending. These factors may pose challenges to Japan’s economic recovery and future growth.

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