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Looking ahead to April, utility stocks are showing strength and outperforming tech stocks in March. According to BTIG chief market technician Jonathan Krinsky, April has historically been a good month for utility stocks, with an average monthly gain of 2.15% over the past two decades. This trend is expected to continue as utility stocks have been performing well despite rising interest rates, leading Krinsky to recommend the Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund as a bullish investment opportunity. The sector seems poised to emerge from a multi-month base and continue its upward trajectory in the coming month.

The recent performance of utility stocks, beating tech stocks in March and historically strong April gains, indicates a favorable outlook for investors in this sector. As the first full month of Spring, April has consistently been the best month of the year for utility stocks over the past two decades, making it a promising time for investors to consider utility stock investments. With utility stocks showing resilience in the face of rising interest rates and poised for a bullish reversal, the Utilities Select Sector SPDR Fund presents a timely investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the sector’s strength in the coming month.

Jonathan Krinsky’s analysis and recommendation for utility stocks in April reflect a larger trend in the market, with all three major averages achieving record highs recently. As investors look to capitalize on this bullish momentum, utility stocks present a compelling opportunity for growth and stability in their portfolios. With a track record of strong performance during the Spring season and potential for further gains in April, utility stocks could be a strategic addition to investors’ portfolios as they navigate the current market conditions.

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