Powell Industries is No Longer the ‘Winner’


The news article discusses stock recommendations made by “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer during the lightning round segment of his show. Cramer suggests that Solaris, an inexpensive stock in the oil field industry, is a good speculative investment. He also mentions CVS, expressing concerns about the company’s handling of theft issues and advises against investing in it for now. Additionally, Cramer recommends Powell Industries, a profitable company in the infrastructure and electricity market. He believes that this sector will be a great investment for 2023. Lastly, Cramer mentions Cal-Maine Foods and Boeing, stating that the former has shown positive stock performance while the latter has made a mistake in selling contractors, leading him to believe that Boeing is still not in the right position.

In summary, Jim Cramer provides his insights on a range of stocks during the lightning round segment. He recommends Solaris as a good speculative investment in the oil field sector. However, he expresses concerns about CVS due to its handling of theft problems. Cramer advises against investing in CVS for the time being. On the other hand, he is bullish on Powell Industries, which he sees as a profitable company in the infrastructure and electricity market. Lastly, Cramer mentions Cal-Maine Foods, which has shown positive stock performance, and Boeing, which he believes still has room to go lower after a mistake in selling contractors. These recommendations reflect Cramer’s analysis and opinions on the respective stocks.

Overall, during the lightning round, Jim Cramer shares his thoughts on various stocks, offering investors his perspective on potential investment opportunities.

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