Agents Cut Razor Wire at Eagle Pass, Allowing Migrants Entry into US


Border Patrol agents at the southern US border have been caught on video cutting through razor wire and helping migrants enter the country. Texas Governor Greg Abbott had installed the wire as a deterrent to illegal crossings, but it seems to have been ineffective. Border crossings have risen to 8,000 per day, according to the Washington Office of Latin America. The video footage shows agents cutting through the wire and assisting a large group of migrants, including women and children, to cross the border. The town of Eagle Pass, Texas, where the video was filmed, has been overwhelmed with migrants in recent days.

This incident comes after Governor Abbott criticized President Biden for ordering the removal of the razor wire, which led to an increase in illegal crossings. In August alone, over 232,000 migrants crossed the US-Mexico border. The town of Eagle Pass, with a population of 28,000, saw more than 7,500 migrants arriving in just two days. The local mayor declared a state of emergency due to the influx of migrants but stated that the city lacked the necessary funds and resources to open a shelter. Similar situations have occurred in other border towns, with migrants wading through waist-deep water and cutting through wire to enter the US.

The video of Border Patrol agents cutting through razor wire and assisting migrants has sparked controversy and raised questions about the effectiveness of border security measures. While Governor Abbott had installed the wire to deter crossings, the footage shows agents actively helping migrants enter the country. The rise in border crossings, with an average of 8,000 per day, highlights the ongoing crisis at the southern border. The situation in Eagle Pass, Texas, where the video was filmed, is particularly dire, with a small town being overwhelmed by thousands of migrants. The actions of Border Patrol agents and the failure of border security measures to stem the flow of migrants are further fueling the debate on immigration policy and border control in the United States.

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