Cowboy Billionaire Musk Heads to Eagle Pass, Citing NYC’s Struggle with Migrant Crisis.


Elon Musk visited the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, and attempted to livestream interviews with local officials to shed light on the overwhelmed migrant crisis. The livestream, however, crashed after only four minutes, just like his previous attempt that was marred by technical issues. Musk expressed his support for an expanded immigration system but emphasized the need to regulate it and prevent illegal crossings. He warned that the situation in New York City, unable to cope with the influx of migrants, is a troubling sign for the whole country. Musk highlighted the magnitude of the flow of people causing a collapse of essential services and urged for a concrete plan of action to address the crisis.

Eagle Pass has seen a surge in migrant crossings, with thousands of migrants wading through the Rio Grande river to seek asylum. Harrowing images show families struggling with wet bags of belongings and law enforcement assisting exhausted children and queuing migrants. Musk’s livestream eventually resumed for a brief period before crashing again. Local congressman Tony Gonzalez emphasized the urgency of finding a solution and stated that this is not a partisan issue but a policy issue that requires a humane approach. Throughout August, a record number of migrants crossed the US-Mexico border, pushing border towns like Eagle Pass beyond their capacity.

As the crisis continues, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has proposed busing migrants to northern states to share the burden, while New York City Mayor Eric Adams acknowledged that the influx can potentially “destroy” the city. However, Eagle Pass Mayor Rolando Salinas criticized the lack of a concrete plan from President Biden and Vice President Harris. He highlighted the limited resources of smaller border towns like Eagle Pass, which are unable to handle the influx like larger cities. The discussion around the border crisis remains intense, with a focus on finding sustainable solutions and addressing the challenges faced by overwhelmed communities.

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