Federal investigation into threat against potential witness in Trump Mar-a-Lago documents case.


A potential government witness in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case involving former President Donald Trump has received online threats, prompting a federal investigation, according to special counsel Jack Smith. The threats have been described as serious, with the details of the situation leading to the decision to request permission to seal an exhibit in order to protect the integrity of the investigation. Smith has filed a motion requesting the U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon to keep the exhibit under seal to prevent any disruption to the probe. He emphasized that revealing the details and circumstances of the threats could compromise the investigation, further endanger the victim, or provide potentially damaging information to the perpetrator.

The exhibit in question contains detailed information about the threats made over social media to the potential government witness. Smith argued that any other measures, such as redactions, will not suffice to protect the integrity of the investigation. If made public, the exhibit could potentially reveal investigative methods and further endanger the victim, as well as provide unauthorized information to the suspect. Additionally, there are concerns that Trump’s legal team might be provided unwarranted information from the exhibit if they are allowed to view its contents. This development sheds light on the ongoing legal battle between Trump and the special counsel, as the former president faces various criminal charges in the case.

Meanwhile, Trump’s legal team is making efforts to have the charges against him dismissed, planning to file multiple motions to that effect. The case is currently scheduled to go to trial in May, although it is possible that this date will be pushed back. Trump is facing several criminal charges, to which he has pleaded not guilty. Amid these developments, a gag order has been imposed on the former president in the related case on election interference. These legal events underscore the significant confrontation between Trump and the special counsel, with both parties taking aggressive legal actions in the run-up to the trial.

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