Meatball, a social media influencer, discusses livestreaming looting on NBC10 Philadelphia


Dayjia Blackwell, a popular social media influencer known as “Meatball,” has been released from jail after being arrested and accused of instigating looting in Philadelphia. The 21-year-old was bailed out by her mother, and in an interview, she expressed her desire to stay out of trouble and never go back to jail. Blackwell gained attention for livestreaming the looting to her more than 180,000 followers, capturing the crime spree until her arrest. Police and the District Attorney’s office claim that she encouraged others to participate in the criminal activities, including cheering on the crowd robbing an Apple store while shouting “free iPhones.”

Blackwell faces charges of burglary, conspiracy, rioting, and other felonies related to the looting. Despite her release, her mother didn’t want her to speak with reporters, cutting the conversation short. The social media influencer took to her own platforms to express gratitude to her supporters and shared her feelings of fear and trauma resulting from the experience. Blackwell is scheduled to appear in court on October 17.

In summary, Dayjia Blackwell, known as “Meatball,” has been released from jail after her arrest for allegedly encouraging and livestreaming the looting in Philadelphia. With a significant following on social media, she gained attention for broadcasting the crime spree until her arrest. While Blackwell expressed her desire to stay out of trouble, her actions have led to charges including burglary and rioting. Despite her release, her mother prevented her from speaking with reporters, but she addressed her supporters on social media, sharing her fear and trauma resulting from the incident. Blackwell is set to return to court in October.

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