Menendez organizes Puerto Rico donor gathering amidst Democratic concerns on reelection.


Despite facing bribery charges and calls for his resignation, Senator Bob Menendez is still hosting a fundraising event for donors at a luxurious beachside hotel in Puerto Rico. The event, organized by a political action committee tied to Menendez, includes a reception with the senator and his chief of staff at the Ritz-Carlton hotel at Dorado Beach, as well as a golf outing with Menendez on a championship-level course. The invitation to the event was sent out just as Menendez was informing Senate Democrats that he would not resign. This news has raised concerns among Democrats who fear that Menendez will try to hang onto his seat despite his criminal charges.

Menendez, who has been coy about his reelection plans, is already facing a primary challenge from Representative Andy Kim. Democrats are worried that if Menendez runs for reelection, he could put a once-safe seat in a blue state at risk, further complicating their efforts to maintain their narrow majority in 2024. The chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Senator Gary Peters, has joined other Democratic colleagues in calling for Menendez’s resignation. However, Peters has not yet indicated whether he would support Menendez if he runs for a fifth term. Menendez’s refusal to confirm whether he will run for reelection has only fueled speculation.

Despite the mounting pressure and allegations against him, Menendez remains determined to fight the charges and maintain his innocence. In a closed-door meeting with Senate Democrats, he emphatically stated that he would not resign and asked not to be judged by his colleagues before he has a chance to present his defense. Menendez has argued that prosecutors have repeatedly attempted to bring charges against him but have failed to prove their case. Senators who were present at the meeting believe that Menendez’s strong stance indicates that he may indeed run for reelection.

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