Nikki Haley loses to ‘none of these candidates’ in Nevada Republican primary.


Nikki Haley lost to “none of these candidates” in Nevada’s Republican primary, with the option receiving nearly double the votes Haley did. Haley’s campaign manager explained they did not invest resources or energy into the primary, and instead accused the competition of being rigged in favor of Donald Trump. Despite not being able to win any delegates in Nevada, some of her allies anticipated a primary win would provide a morale boost for her.

State party officials expected Haley’s loss in the primary, and attributed it to her lack of presence in Nevada, as well as the tension between her participation in the primary and the state-run caucuses. Many Nevada Republican voters chose “none of these candidates” in protest, expressing their intention to vote for Trump in the upcoming caucuses. Some have raised concerns about the use of this option, fearing it may negatively impact the Republican Party in future elections.

Overall, Haley’s loss in Nevada has raised questions about her standing with GOP voters, and while her campaign has downplayed the significance of this primary contest, it demonstrates a potential obstacle to her campaign as she seeks to build momentum against Donald Trump. The significantly higher number of votes for “none of these candidates” highlights the discontent of Nevada voters with Haley’s candidacy. We must wait and see how this setback will affect her efforts in the upcoming caucuses.

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