Apple continues development of foldable iPhones and iPads.


Apple is not expected to launch a folding iPhone in the near future, or possibly at all, according to a report from The Information. The company reportedly faced design challenges with creating a foldable iPhone with displays on the outside of the device, as engineers struggled with a design that can break easily. Additionally, Apple engineers wanted to develop a foldable that’s as thin as current iPhone models, but faced challenges with battery sizes and display components.

Furthermore, Apple is also reportedly working on a long-rumored folding iPad, with plans to develop a tablet around the same size as an iPad Mini, equipped with an eight-inch display. Engineers are in the process of trying to reduce the crease that appears in the center of the display and aiming to develop a hinge that allows the display to lie flat when unfolded. Despite this, the company is still said to be in communication with at least one manufacturer in Asia about procuring parts for foldable iPhones of different sizes.

Overall, it appears that despite Apple’s interest in developing foldable devices, including both folding iPhones and iPads, the company is currently encountering multiple design and engineering challenges that may delay the release of these highly anticipated products.

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