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Several lanes on I-285 westbound near Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, Georgia, were closed on Tuesday afternoon due to damage at the Mt. Vernon Bridge over the highway. The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) reported that a tractor-trailer had hit the bridge at Riverside Drive. As a result, there were delays building for a few miles, and four out of five lanes on Mt. Vernon Hwy near I-285 remained closed. News Chopper 2 flew over the scene, showing slow-moving traffic. GDOT later announced that the Mt. Vernon Bridge would remain closed for inspection, and a detour route was set up for drivers.

The closure of several lanes on I-285 westbound near Roswell Road in Sandy Springs was caused by damage to the Mt. Vernon Bridge, according to city officials. The bridge was hit by a tractor-trailer at Riverside Drive, resulting in delays and the closure of four out of five lanes on Mt. Vernon Hwy near I-285. Traffic cameras from the Georgia Department of Transportation showed vehicles slowly passing by the affected area as the bridge remained closed. GDOT announced that an inspection of the bridge was necessary, and a detour route was established for drivers to navigate around the closure.

Motorists faced disruptions and delays on I-285 westbound in Sandy Springs, Georgia, after the Mt. Vernon Bridge sustained damage from a tractor-trailer collision. The bridge, located over I-285 at Riverside Drive, prompted the closure of several lanes, causing backups for miles. Sandy Springs city officials confirmed the closure and revealed that four out of five lanes on Mt. Vernon Hwy near I-285 were also shut down. GDOT set up detour routes for drivers, while News Chopper 2 captured footage of slow-moving traffic at the scene. GDOT announced that the closure would persist as an inspection of the bridge was carried out.

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