One injured in Naples plane crash as two cars are hit – NBC 6.


A tragic plane crash occurred when a Bombardier Challenger 604 jet, operated by the Fort Lauderdale-based company Hop-A-Jet Worldwide Charter, crashed onto Interstate 75 in southwest Florida. The crash resulted in two fatalities, as the pilot Edward Daniel Murphy, and co-pilot Ian Frederick Hofmann, both died in the accident. There were also five passengers on board the jet, and three of them, including a cabin attendant, were able to escape the burning wreckage with no reported injuries. Interestingly, they were captured on camera running from the crash, indicating the chaotic and terrifying moments following the accident. The crash also resulted in one person inside a vehicle on the highway being left seriously injured.

The Bombardier Challenger 604 jet was on its way to Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport when the tragic incident occurred. The identities of the victims in the vehicles that were struck by the jet have not been released, and the FAA is currently conducting a preliminary investigation into the crash. Hop-A-Jet has released a statement expressing their deep sorrow and providing support for the families of those involved. They emphasized the heroic efforts of the cabin attendant and are fully cooperating with the NTSB investigation, the FAA, and the aircraft manufacturer to determine the cause of the crash.

This devastating crash has resulted in a significant loss for the close-knit community at Hop-A-Jet, as they mourn the loss of their friends and colleagues. The NTSB is leading the official investigation into the accident, and Hop-A-Jet is providing support for the families of the crew and passengers involved in the tragedy. As the investigation continues, the focus remains on determining the cause of the crash and preventing such accidents in the future.

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