President Biden to Visit NYC for 3 Campaign Receptions; Drivers Should Anticipate Delays


President Joe Biden caused traffic chaos in New York City on Wednesday as he attended three campaign receptions, resulting in street closures and protests. The chaos began when Biden arrived in a helicopter downtown at the Wall Street landing zone after flying into John F. Kennedy International Airport on Air Force One. His visit led to extensive street closures and traffic delays in Midtown and on the city’s East and West sides as his motorcade drove through Fifth Avenue and Riverside Drive. The NYPD began preparing hours before his arrival, leading to a standstill traffic situation for hours. Additionally, the MTA warned riders to expect delays on the M31, M66, and M72 buses.

The chaos and protests continued for hours, as hundreds of Palestinian supporters gathered around the Columbus Circle Globe to express their displeasure with Biden’s visit. The demonstration was peaceful, with no reported arrests, and the protesters emphasized their desire for a cease-fire in Gaza. As evening approached, a crowd gathered on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where police officers blocked traffic in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Despite the disruptions, the president was expected to leave town around 8 p.m. with no public appearances scheduled for the evening.

Despite the chaos and protests, Biden’s visit to New York City maintained its focus on fundraising events, with plans for a March 28 fundraiser with former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The visit drew criticism from some protesters, who emphasized the need for the president to address the majority of Democratic voters and Americans as a whole who want a cease-fire in Gaza. The visit also garnered attention due to the significant traffic disruptions and delays caused by the extensive street closures associated with Biden’s motorcade.

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