Recovery underway as over 20 barges loose on Ohio River.


Multiple law enforcement agencies are currently investigating the aftermath of over 20 barges breaking loose and floating down the Ohio River in Pittsburgh. The commander of the Army Corp of Engineers in the Pittsburgh district confirmed that all 26 barges have been located, with some resting against the Emsworth Lock and Dam. Fortunately, no issues with the dam were found, and there were no reported injuries from the incident.

The U.S. Coast Guard revealed that 23 out of the 26 barges were loaded with dry cargo like coal, while the remaining three were empty. Luckily, none of the loaded barges were carrying hazardous materials, and there have been no reports of contamination or pollution in the area. However, Peggy’s Marina suffered extensive damage, along with other docks, due to the loose barges. The commander attributed the incident to high water levels in the river.

As the investigation continues, it was reported that eleven barges were stopped by the river bank, while nine were held at the Emsworth Lock and Dam. Six barges passed through the dam, with five accounted for downstream and one believed to have sunk. The Campbell Transportation Company, which owns the barges, is likely to face scrutiny as the situation unfolds. Despite the disruption, the closed bridges have since reopened, returning traffic to normalcy in the area.

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