Republicans’ false, misleading claims in first Biden impeachment inquiry hearing debunked


The House Oversight Committee held its first hearing on the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden, and Republican members of the committee have made several false and misleading claims. Republican Rep. James Comer stated in his opening remarks that the committee had uncovered evidence of “the Bidens and their associates” creating over 20 shell companies and receiving over $20 million between 2014 and 2019. While the $20 million figure is accurate for Biden’s family and associates, there is no public evidence that President Biden himself received any of this money. Furthermore, a large portion of the money went to Hunter Biden’s business partners, not the Biden family. Bank records obtained by the committee also show that Hunter Biden made millions through various financial arrangements, but there is still no evidence of payments to Joe Biden.

Another false claim made by Republican Rep. Jim Jordan is regarding Hunter Biden’s qualifications to sit on the board of directors of Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings. Jordan claimed that Hunter Biden said he was unqualified for the position. However, Hunter Biden stated in a 2019 interview with ABC News that he was completely qualified and defended his qualifications by pointing out his experience as vice chairman of the board of Amtrak, chairman of the board of the UN World Food Programme USA, and lawyer at a prestigious law firm.

Additionally, Jordan cited documents obtained from IRS whistleblowers to argue that the Justice Department improperly blocked investigators from asking Joe Biden about his son’s overseas dealings. However, the instruction not to mention Joe Biden’s name in the search warrant was given by a Justice Department official during the Trump administration. The official stated that there was no legal basis to include Joe Biden’s name. It is crucial to note that investigators need to establish probable cause and secure approval from a judge before obtaining a search warrant, and if the references to Joe Biden were deemed outside the warrant’s legal scope, it would not have been appropriate to include them.

In conclusion, the first hearing of the House Oversight Committee’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden has seen Republican members making false and misleading claims. The $20 million in payments mentioned by Rep. Comer did go to Biden’s family and associates but lacked evidence of any money reaching President Biden. Rep. Jordan’s claim about Hunter Biden’s qualifications for the Burisma board was debunked, as Hunter Biden stated he was fully qualified. The mention of Joe Biden’s name not being included in a search warrant was a decision made during the Trump administration based on legal considerations. Overall, these claims made by Republicans lack critical context and misinterpret the available information.

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