Summary of the initial Biden impeachment inquiry: NPR’s account of events.


During the first impeachment inquiry for President Joe Biden, Republicans focused on allegations of wrongdoing by his son, Hunter, and attempted to argue that the president benefited from his son’s business dealings. However, the Republican lawmakers failed to provide clear evidence to support their claims. The witnesses brought by the Republicans also did not offer any direct knowledge of wrongdoing by the president or his family. Despite the lack of evidence, House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer expressed his commitment to continuing the effort to impeach Biden.

The chaotic and antagonistic hearing lasted for more than 6 hours, with members of both parties engaging in heated exchanges. House Republicans heavily relied on photos, props, posters, and PowerPoints to emphasize their arguments, but their presentation failed to produce any substantial evidence against Biden. Democrats criticized the proceedings for their lack of evidence and timing, given the looming government shutdown. They called the hearing a distraction from more pressing issues, such as avoiding the shutdown and its potential impacts on federal workers, small business owners, seniors, and veterans.

The evidence presented by Republicans during the hearing was limited, with little concrete support for their allegations of an impeachable offense by Biden. The main allegation was that Biden directly benefited from his son’s business deals in Ukraine and China. Republicans pointed to financial records and other information, but no smoking gun or clear evidence was provided to back up their claims. The focus of the hearing remained on Hunter Biden’s activities as a lobbyist and consultant, with allegations that he sold the Biden ‘brand’ and used access to the White House as a valuable asset. The allegations made by two IRS whistleblowers, who claimed that the Department of Justice mishandled an investigation into Hunter Biden, were also highlighted by Republicans. They suggested that pressure was placed on the DOJ to delay the investigation.

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