The consequences of swallowing gum: harmless or worrisome scenarios. (9 words)


Swallowing chewing gum is a common occurrence, but there is a myth that it will remain in your stomach for seven years. However, experts say this is not true. When you swallow gum, it will pass through your stomach and intestines and be excreted unchanged. Swallowing gum is only harmful if done excessively, which is rare. While it won’t cause harm, experts also note that gum has no nutritional value and is not considered healthy. In the past, chewing gum was used by ancient peoples to stave off thirst and hunger, and it was made from natural latex extracted from trees.

Experts advise that unless you are experiencing pain or have swallowed a large amount of gum, there is no need to consult a doctor. Swallowed gum is generally not a concern for regular individuals, but for those with gastrointestinal tract issues, it could cause problems. If there are blockages, inflammation, or motility problems, gum or other indigestible substances can cause issues. Conditions like Crohn’s disease or surgeries that lead to narrowing of the GI tract can be aggravated by swallowed gum. However, it is rare for doctors to have to remove gum from someone’s body, as it usually passes through the digestive system without causing harm.

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