Tragic Amish Buggy Crash in Fillmore County, Minnesota: 2 Children Dead, 2 Injured


Two children were killed and two others injured when an SUV crashed into a horse-drawn buggy in Fillmore County, Minnesota. The tragic accident occurred on County Road 1, where both vehicles were traveling in the same direction. The four children in the buggy were siblings from rural Stewartville. Wilma Miller, 7, and Irma Miller, 11, lost their lives in the crash, while Alan Miller, 9, and Rose Miller, 13, were taken to the hospital with injuries. The investigation into the crash is ongoing, and no arrests have been made.

This incident marks the second fatal collision involving an Amish buggy in the past week in the United States. On September 20, in Alexandria, New York, two children aged 1 and 3 were killed when a pickup truck collided with the back of an Amish buggy. The tragic accidents have raised concerns about the safety of Amish buggies on public roads. Authorities are working to determine the cause of the crashes and to find ways to prevent such tragedies in the future.

The horse-drawn buggy crash in Fillmore County has left the community mourning the loss of two young lives. The children, who were all from the same family, were out on a typical morning when the devastating accident occurred. The local sheriff’s office is conducting an investigation to determine the circumstances and any contributing factors to this heartbreaking incident. As the community grieves, discussions on enhancing safety measures for Amish buggies have emerged, considering the recent occurrences of similar accidents across the country. Authorities and community members are working together to find solutions that will prevent such tragedies from recurring.

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