Trump campaign objects to third Republican debate’s scheduling


The Trump campaign has called for an end to further Republican primary debates, stating that they are unnecessary and ineffective. Senior adviser Chris LaCivita criticized the recent Fox Business and Univision-hosted debate, describing it as “boring and inconsequential.” He argued that the primary contest is already being dominated by President Trump, as indicated by polling data. LaCivita urged the Republican National Committee (RNC) to cease any future debates and focus instead on President Joe Biden, directing resources towards removing him from the White House.

The Trump campaign’s statement came just moments before the conclusion of the debate, clearly indicating their dissatisfaction with the event. LaCivita highlighted President Trump’s strong polling advantage over his GOP rivals, as well as his competitiveness against President Biden. The campaign believes that these debates are a waste of time and money that could be better utilized in targeting the current administration. They called upon the RNC to redirect their efforts towards evicting Biden from the White House, suggesting that further debates would only detract from this objective.

However, despite the campaign’s assertion that debates are unnecessary, it remains to be seen whether the RNC will heed their call. The Republican Party traditionally values and encourages robust debate during the primary process. As the next Republican debate is expected to take place in November, the decision on whether to continue with further debates may be influenced by various factors, including the level of support for President Trump within the party and the importance placed on presenting a unified front against President Biden.

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