US spacecraft Odysseus makes historic moon landing after 50-year hiatus.


The American artist Jeff Koons has gone beyond the limits of traditional art galleries by sending one his pieces to the moon. “Moon Phases,” a sculpture made up of 125 mini-sculptures of the moon, hitched a ride on the Odysseus lunar lander as it touched down on the lunar surface. The artwork, measuring about one inch in diameter, depicts 62 phases of the moon as seen from Earth, 62 phases visible from other viewpoints in space, and one lunar eclipse. Each sculpture is inscribed with the name of a groundbreaking figure in human history, from Aristotle to David Bowie, adding an element of historical significance to the project.

In a statement from his gallery, Pace, Koons mentioned that he has drawn inspiration from the moon as a symbol of curiosity and determination. Along with its artistic value, there is also a commercial aspect to the project. Pace Verso, the NFT wing of Pace, is offering NFTs of each sculpture, while Koons has produced larger, coinciding physical sculptures of his “Moon Phases” to remain on Earth. This marks the United States’ first landing on the lunar surface in more than 50 years, bringing art to a new frontier in the outer space.

The project represents a convergence of art and space exploration, showcasing the human desire to push boundaries and explore new frontiers, both artistically and scientifically. By sending an artwork to the moon, Koons has solidified his place in art history by adding an out-of-this-world element to his body of work, blurring the lines between traditional art exhibitions and the outer limits of space.

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