Acquire the Razor Fang in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet with These Easy Tips


The news article discusses the introduction of the Razor Fang item in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet game, which is used to evolve the Pokemon Gligar into Gliscor. The article explains that the Teal Mask DLC brought new and returning Pokemon to the game, including Gligar and Gliscor. However, these Pokemon are exclusive to the Scarlet DLC.

The article goes on to provide information on how players can obtain the Razor Fang item. It mentions two methods: completing 110 entries in the Kitakami Pokedex, which rewards players with the item, and completing the Ogre Oustin’ Minigame in Kitakami, which also has a chance of awarding the Razor Fang. It also mentions that players can find the item in a cave north of Wistful Fields in Kitakami.

In addition to evolving Gligar into Gliscor, the article mentions that the Razor Fang item increases the chance of opponents flinching by 10%. It concludes by directing readers to check out their coverage for more helpful guides on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

To summarize, the news article discusses the introduction of the Razor Fang item in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, which is used to evolve Gligar into Gliscor. It mentions that these Pokemon are exclusive to the Scarlet DLC and provides information on how to obtain the Razor Fang item, including completing entries in the Kitakami Pokedex and playing the Ogre Oustin’ Minigame. The article also mentions the location of the item in a cave north of Wistful Fields. It concludes by mentioning the additional effect of the Razor Fang and directing readers to their coverage for more guides.

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