Apple defends Google Search deal in court, citing lack of valid alternatives.


Apple executive Eddy Cue recently testified in the landmark antitrust trial against Google, shedding light on the deal between the two tech giants. The case focuses on the Information Services Agreement (ISA), which makes Google the default search engine on Apple devices. Cue stated that Apple wanted a higher percentage of the revenue generated by Google from Apple users, but eventually agreed on a compromise. Cue also emphasized that Apple never seriously considered switching to another search provider due to the lack of a valid alternative. The testimony raised the question of whether Apple’s partnership with Google was based on the best product or financial motives.

In court, Cue was questioned about Apple’s focus on user privacy. He affirmed that Apple prioritizes privacy and criticized Google’s privacy policies. He highlighted that Google had to allow users to search without logging in as part of the ISA agreement and mentioned that Apple has implemented measures to make it harder for Google or other entities to track users. The implication of the Department of Justice (DOJ) was that although Apple values privacy, it still gave Google a prominent position on its platform because of the financial benefits. The DOJ also highlighted Google’s integration with Safari as a factor in Safari’s success.

The trial proceedings were partially confidential due to concerns about revealing sensitive financial information and trade secrets. Cue’s testimony offered insight into the negotiations and dynamics of Apple’s deal with Google. The central question remains whether Google is the best search engine choice for Apple or if financial incentives influenced the agreement. The DOJ aims to determine the impact on the search engine market if Apple were to reconsider its partnership with Google. Cue stated that Apple had not seriously contemplated such a scenario, while Google argued against it. The trial continues to explore the intricacies of the deal and the implications for competition in the search industry.

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