Binocular Vision in All Directions: DJI Mini 4 Pro Leads Mini Drones.


In an unfortunate turn of events for drone enthusiasts, Skydio has exited the consumer drone market, leaving potential customers searching for alternatives. One such option is the DJI Mini 4 Pro, priced at $759, which is being marketed as the first Mini with omnidirectional obstacle sensing. This feature is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, the Mini 3 Pro, which could only sense obstacles in specific directions. With binocular vision in every direction, the Mini 4 Pro has the potential to navigate more effectively, especially in tight spaces with trees and branches.

The Mini 4 Pro brings the Mini 3 Pro up to par with DJI’s larger and pricier Air 3 model. It offers similar features such as a main camera with a 48-megapixel resolution and a battery life of over 40 minutes. However, the Mini 4 Pro distinguishes itself with omnidirectional obstacle avoidance, 100fps 4K shooting capabilities, and an extended video transmission range of 20 kilometers. While DJI advertises “True Vertical Shooting” as a key selling point for the Mini 4 Pro, this feature is already present in the Mini 3 Pro. Additionally, the Mini 3 Pro surpasses its successor in battery performance, providing an extra four to six minutes of flight time depending on the inserted battery.

Although the Mini 4 Pro offers improvements, drone users requiring more speed may still need to opt for DJI’s Air or higher models, as the Mini series has a maximum speed of five meters per second compared to the Air’s faster ascent and descent. Moreover, the Air offers a second telephoto camera, enabling greater flexibility in capturing images. For those who already own a Mini 3 Pro or have accessories for it, the good news is that the Mini 4 Pro is compatible with the same batteries. However, a new controller is necessary due to the upgraded Ocusync 4 video transmission system.

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