Childhood Misconceptions on Luxury Revealed


As children, we often have different notions of what constitutes luxury compared to when we become adults. This sentiment was highlighted in a recent thread on AskReddit, where users shared their childhood beliefs about what was considered fancy but turned out to be far from it. Some responses included thinking that restaurant club sandwiches and toothpicks with plastic frills were signs of sophistication, while others believed that having a 120-pack of colored pencils or crayons made them part of the societal elite. Shrimp, paper crowns from fast food restaurants, and various types of bottled water also made the list. It’s amusing to reflect on how our perceptions of luxury change over time.

One user mentioned that they considered Adidas to be a “designer” brand as a child, highlighting the allure of aspirational fashion for those who only had access to knockoff brands. Additionally, items like refrigerators with built-in ice dispensers and sun-dried tomatoes were deemed posh or fancy. Interestingly, some childhood notions of luxury were tied to certain food experiences, such as getting good grades and being treated to shrimp at a restaurant or having kitchens filled with junk food like Cap’n Crunch, Twinkies, and Ding Dongs. These treats, seen as fancy and jealousy-inducing as kids, now seem less appealing when compared to homemade meals.

It’s fascinating to see how our perspectives on what constitutes luxury can change as we grow up. From thinking that certain types of water or TV dinners were haute cuisine, to believing that hummus was exclusive to fancy parties, our childhood notions of sophistication often prove to be far from reality. Ultimately, it’s a reminder that our perception of luxury is subjective and can shift as we gain new experiences and develop a deeper understanding of what true luxury entails.

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