Controversial Weapon Progression Changes Split Modern Warfare 3 Fanbase


Community members of the Call of Duty franchise have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Gunsmith system in previous titles. Vanguard in particular was criticized for the requirement of spending an average of six hours to unlock every attachment for a weapon. Modern Warfare 2 attempted to address this issue with weapon platforms, but players were still dissatisfied as it forced them to use unnecessary weapons. Sledgehammer Games, the developers of Modern Warfare 3, have now introduced the concept of Aftermarket Parts, where attachments such as Grips, Barrels, Magazines, and Stocks will no longer be tied to specific weapons. Players now have the flexibility to use these attachments across different weapons.

In addition to the removal of weapon-specific attachments, Modern Warfare 3 also eliminates the ADS speed penalty when equipping a 1x zoom optic, a change that was met with relief by players who found it annoying in Modern Warfare 2. Despite these positive changes, some players still have issues with the current Gunsmith system. Some players want a return to the classic pick 10 system, which allowed for more simplicity in building a weapon. On the other hand, there are players who view these updates as a step in the right direction and are glad that the developers are listening to their feedback.

Players will have an opportunity to experience and better understand the new Gunsmith system when the Modern Warfare 3 beta launches on October 6th. Overall, the introduction of Aftermarket Parts and the removal of certain restrictions marks an effort by Sledgehammer Games to address player concerns and improve the Gunsmith system in the upcoming game.

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