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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is showing promise, particularly in addressing the rise of chronic diseases. A session at the Digital Health AI and Data conference will focus on how AI can help patients with multiple long-term conditions (MLTC). The session will include researchers from various UK institutions who are using AI and data analytics to study the 14 million people in England living with MLTCs. By analyzing extensive data sets, including birth cohorts and healthcare records, researchers hope to gain a better understanding of the development and foundations of chronic conditions and identify ways to prevent or delay their onset.

One of the challenges in using AI for healthcare research is linking different types of data sets, such as birth cohorts rich in social and wider determinants data and routine healthcare records rich in long-term condition data. Researchers are exploring ways to securely and reliably analyze both types of data sets to gain insights into the relationship between social determinants and the development of long-term conditions. The future challenge will be finding new methods to integrate and analyze these data sets effectively.

The AI and Data session at the conference is part of the Digital Health Rewired event, which includes a comprehensive program on AI and analytics, as well as data and research. The session is CPD accredited and open to the NHS, public sector, start-ups, charities, education, and research, with commercial tickets available as well. The aim of the session is to showcase the potential of AI in healthcare research and its ability to improve patient outcomes.

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